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The Concept
We believe that art is not given and achieved merely through drawing,

painting and/or creative process. More than that,

it is a learning process that encompasses a broad spectrum of development aspects, such as:

Medium Expression
Every human being is in a constant need to find balance of emotions within him or herself;

and as such they will need to express themselves.

Artistic creation has always been regarded as the best medium for expression

for expression be it through drawing, painting or music.

Left Brain and Right Brain
The rational part of ourselves which basically is controlled by our left side of the brain should be

in a healthy balance with our right side of the brain

that governed our emotional and creative abilities.

Most of the successful people in the world have been known to possess such trait.

For example, a good businessman will be required to be very good at calculating business risks yet

at the same time has to excel also in his art of negotiation.  

We have often heard terms such as:
- The art of selling,
- The art of presentation,
- The art of management
- The art of cooking, etc

Structure and conceptualize thinking process
We also believe in through art, one can always stimulate his creation process, enhance his imagination,

improve his logic and thinking capacity.

To create is to let one;s imagination grow and explore every possibility

so that it stimulates his creative thinking. Such, is an art in itself.

In the end, we also believe that human's ability to create and to find

positive solutions to life problems and challenges would be the key to his or her survival.

This ultimate goal and ability would be stimulated

through art ~ visualization, colors, objects combination and exploration

which eventually exposing the person to be able to see all positive possibility available to him.

The New Collaboration
With God Purposes  this new collaboration we present the concept to  market.

Looking for hands who has the same dream

Our Teams

Puri Hadiprana

Daughter of Hendra Hadiprana who has calling in her life to extend his father's mission in Art and Culture

Syanti D Mulia

The curriculum conceptor of Hadiprana Art's which consist the character building

Ita Resima

Head of sales, marketing and promotion division.                

Yulianto Liestiono

Program & Teacher Reserch & Development                

Gideon Sutrisno

Teacher Character Building                


The opportunity
We are offering two types of partnership : Centre 0r Class
For further Information and the investment, we are welcoming to see and feel the concept at:
Hadiprana Art Centre. Mitra Hadiprana Boutique Mall 2 Fl. Ph. 021-7182765