Our Founder

Puri Hadiprana

Puri graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering at Tarumanegara University, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since graduation she dove straight into the world of art, architecture and design. She has managed Mitra Hadiprana, an art & lifestyle concept by Hadiprana, since 1997, with a mission to gather like-minded and creative tenants through is space leases. She also leads Hadiprana Gallery, one of the first art gallery in Jakarta, established in 1962.

Blessed, guided and mentored directly by her father, Mr. Hendra Hadiprana, who is a prominent art connoisseur. Experience has earned her the knowledge on cultural richness and diversity of the art world in Indonesia. She built upon relationships her father started, with painters, sculptors and craftsmen from Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bandung and Bali.

Building Character Through Art

She established Hadiprana Art Centre in 1998, during the Indonesian monetary crisis, with the vision to create a safe place where people learn are free to think outside the box and push their creativity. Welcoming those aged 3 to 99 years old, Hadiprana Art Centre has branches, named Hadiprana Art Class, throughout Jakarta, with hundreds of students. In Kemang, Puri also has overlooks the Hadiprana Jewelry, Hadiprana Signature and Kedai Mitra. She acts also presently the President Director of Tanah Gajah, Hadiprana Resort, in Ubud Bali. In addition, she was called to do social work in the form of character education for children of underprivileged families in the slums of Pademangan, North Jakarta.

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